Why has React become so popular?

Interview with Andrii Chmil, React engineer at Agiliway

Andrii, can you tell us about yourself, your education, and your current position in Agiliway? What was your role when you started and how did you get to the place you are at today?

Andrii: I entered Lviv Polytechnic National University, the Faculty of Radio Engineering in 2009. During my student years, I got interested in IT and decided to learn more about it in my free time.

In your opinion, why has React become so popular? And why having a React engineer is beneficial for the client’s business?

Andrii: I think the main benefit of utilizing React is that it is simple to learn and work with. Moreover, it is flexible and responsive. Secondly, React is the type of library that shows high performance for the product, regardless if it is mobile or web. Thirdly, React was created by a reliable and influential company, hence, it is constantly being updated and maintained. I predict it staying among the top libraries for many years, unlike other libraries like Backbone, for instance. And, finally, React is perfect for creating a User Interface, since we only describe what we want to have, and the library provides us with the result. I believe this is great, isn’t it?

What challenges do you face at work and how do you overcome them?

Andrii: Talking about challenges in my job I think they are the same for every software development engineer. in order to be successful and maintain a level of professionalism, I have to study a lot and constantly making sure the code quality is high, and I do not miss any important updates in the technological stack I utilize in my work.

Tell us about the processes a project passes at Agiliway?

Andrii: Every project has to undergo several stages before getting back to a client. We care about meeting deadlines, working efficiently and productively, as well as delivering exactly what we were asked to. Every project is negotiated to clear all the details, estimated timing for each stage and costs, etc. after everything is set, the team gets the planning and we start the implementation of the product or service based on the documentation. We constantly keep our clients updated on the project phases, discussing changes that may occur during the development process. With all that we do maintain high-quality assurance so that everything is flawless and bug-free. Finally, we prepare and release the deliverables, work out all the documentation-related activities.

Is there any knowledge-sharing in Agiliway?

Andrii: Agiliway encourages knowledge-sharing among staff members. Besides the communication, we get with the colleagues where we discuss professional issues, company has started a mentorship program where we can choose a mentor and learn from them. If you are a junior specialist that strives for knowledge and coming from more experienced developers, this is the perfect opportunity. I find it also a good team-building activity. A mentor doesn’t necessarily come from your team, so you get a chance to get to know your colleagues better as well.

What do you enjoy most about your work at Agiliway?

Andrii: What I like the most about Agiliway is the communication we get with our management. I think it’s crucial to have a chance to be heard and receive feedback. It is also very encouraging when you know that you can come up with ideas and suggestions which are considered and discussed. Another thing is that I believe that the company is about the people who work there. And successful company always means having a strong team united by similar views and ideas. It is easy to come up to anyone and have a talk regarding different aspects of our daily operations or professional issues. Having this opportunity to work in a friendly environment with like-minded people around is great for those who want to grow and elevate their skills to a higher level.



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