2 min readJul 14, 2020

Imagine, your company started to grow at a rapid rate, a number of big clients are buying your technology and interested in new functions. This leads to the point that your in-house developers become overwhelmed with the demands for the development of new features and support of the existing platform.

As a result, your in-house developers are snowed under with a lot of tasks as developing new features and supporting the existing platform.

So, let’s figure out some important insights about building a remote development center in Ukraine on the example of Omilia, the artificial intelligence company which has recently raised $20M for its automated voice-based customer care virtual assistant.

  1. Share your company’s culture and breed a team spirit.

If you would like a remote team to become loyal and ready to make extra effort for you, you need to make them feel as a part of your company constantly sharing your culture, values, plans, etc. As remote employees developed a team spirit and began to associate themselves with your company, your products, and your values, you’ll notice a positive impact on their performance as well as on the bottom line of the company.

2. Select and develop soft skills just as accurately as technical skills.

Soft skills are even more important when hiring a remote team than when hiring an office employee. Personal conflicts and phycological incompatibility have the same impact either when people work in one office or when they work on one project online. That is why you have to devote much attention to soft skills of the applicants, their openness to cultural diversity and their readiness to work as part of another, remote team.

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