What value does a certified ISO 27001:2013 company bring to the clients?

2 min readAug 3, 2021

About ISO 27001

ISO 27001:2013 is the international standard for managing information security. The main goal of ISO 27001 is providing accessibility, integrity, and confidentiality of the information resources. Prior to becoming a certified unit, UNICERT/Universal GmbH, an accredited certification body, carried out a number of audits of the internal processes that ensure information security in compliance with the world’s best practices.

Within the certification, auditors evaluate the internal processes of the company (HR, IT, Security, etc.) and then draw a report that is analyzed by other independent UNICERT experts to confirm the correctness of the procedure. Based on the conclusions from the auditors, a company receives the certificate of approval of the high level of their Information Security Management System (ISMS).

Benefits of passing ISO 27001 certification

The certification ensures the compliance of the company’s ISMS with the international standards of ISO/IEC 27001:2013 in software development, software support services, business application (ERP, CRM, etc.) implementation, and support.

  • ISO-compliant ISMS

Introducing an ISO-compliant ISMS ensures enhanced information security to mitigate risks of potential data loss, breach or leak through the industry’s best practices.

  • Utter Customer Confidence

ISO certification is the proof that a company you opt for as your partner sticks to the highest industry standards, hence, your business is in safe hands. Considering cybersecurity as a major point, a customer receives the ultimate reassurance of the safety of the deal.

  • Competitiveness

Joining the ISO certified companies opens new vistas for growth, since, the certificate holders are getting more attention from potential clients. Therefore, it is simpler to win in the highly competitive market, e.g. at the sales or negotiation stages.

  • Compliance with international requirements, regulations, and laws

ISO 27001 is the acknowledgment of the company’s documentation being compliant with international laws and contractual requirements as part of the certification procedure.

What value does it bring to our clients?

Becoming a certified ISO 27001:2013 company, Agiliway proves to be a reliable, trustworthy, and secure company maintaining the utmost degree of responsibility for all the information our clients share with us.

Choosing an ISO holder company, your business receives total confidentiality of the data you share, completely secure information exchange, consistency, and accuracy of the services and products, exquisite customer support service, and process management in compliance with the international standards and regulations concluded by the ISO 27001 certificate.

Information security is the key part of Agiliway culture on all the stages of the collaboration process — starting from negotiations to delivering the final product. Agiliway has passed the ISO 27001:2013 certification which confirms the level of information and data security as well as management of the processes compliant with the international standards within the company.

The certificate can be provided upon request.




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