Using JavaScript Technologies to Build a Competitive Recruitment Software



Provided Solution

  1. Setting up unit tests. Unit tests check the code for validity, which allows early identification of errors. The new code is not released on the production server unless it is validated, so no issues in the performance of the software can emerge upon the release.
  2. Launching CI and CD. CI and CD launched by our DevOps specialists have dramatically cut development time and, thus, time to market of the product.
  3. Fixing of SSO issues. Single Sign-On(SSO) is a useful feature that allows users to access the recruitment software without spending extra time for authorization. Fixing the SSO issues, we have made the product more user-friendly.
  4. Optimization of frameworks. We have optimized the performance of NodJS responsible for the server part of the solution and Angular carrying all business logic.
  5. Optimization of hosting and data storage. We have optimized the storage of BI data on MongoDB database and hosted the software on Heroku.
  6. Development of API. We have developed an API for the recruitment solution so that it can be integrated with corporate software or popular HR systems recruiters commonly use as a single point of work.
  7. Development of new features. Out engineers have added new functionality or improved the performance or scope of the existing features.
  • Writing of job description. Using the system, a recruiter can automatically analyze the structure and the wording of a job description. Following the tips of the system, recruiters can perfect the job description and receive maximum responses.
  • Resume reviewing. The system automatically hides information on the name, age and gender of applicants in their resumes, so a reviewer gives critical and unbiased consideration to applicants’ skills and experience.
  • Prioritization of job skills. A recruiter of an HR manager gives each job skill a value. When tests or interviewers assess the skills of applicants, the system automatically calculates an objective score for each applicant. If a manager decides to change the priorities and assign a different value to this or that skill, the scores are automatically recalculated.
  • Structured interviewing. The system gives suggestions on the interview questions that align to the hiring criteria set forth by a recruiter. Such solution makes interviews more effective and greatly reduces preparation time.

Value Delivered

  1. The solution has been stabilized in a very short term and continuous integration and continuous deployment facilitated and speeded up further development efforts;
  2. New features have been released according or ahead of the schedule making the investor believe in the product again;
  3. The start-up has concluded a deal with a large world-known brand and is in negotiations with other prominent companies interested in using the software.




Custom software development company offering a wide range of IT Consulting, Web and Mobile development, Quality Management, BI and BigData services.

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Custom software development company offering a wide range of IT Consulting, Web and Mobile development, Quality Management, BI and BigData services.

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