TYPO3 Regulation Adoption System for a Hospital Operator


The operator has already automated many of its business processes using a comprehensive TYPO3 platform created to its needs. Now, it wished to expand the functionality of the platform and let its 100,000 employees working in acute care hospitals, outpatient centers and prevention clinics create and vote for hospital regulations.

Project Challenges

To achieve clock-like performance of the regulation adoption system, it was necessary

  • to define all subtle conditions of adopting a regulation that should be implemented in the automated system;
  • to resolve TYPO3 performance issues as implementing new complex logic on an open source content management system was expected to slow down the platform;
  • to integrate the regulation adoption system with the core TYPO3 platform;
  • to make the system reflect a complex hierarchy of a hospital operator comprising many hospitals and outpatient centers with its own departments, multi-level management, medical and technical workers;
  • to implement strict access rights considering both credentials and geolocation information;
  • to analyze logs in order to recognize and effectively respond to system needs.
  • to analyze events causing the change of regulation status to see if any conditions might interfere the process of regulation adoption.

Provided Solution

Consistently addressing all project challenges, Agiliway TYPO3 experts have developed an elaborate TYPO3 regulation adoption system and integrated it with the core hospital platform shared my millions of users.

  • Elaborate access management defining eligibility rules in each separate case of regulation adoption;
  • Multiple user roles and conditions defining who can perform them. For example, the role of an approver and an editor can be performed only by a higher management; range of voting members vary depending on the choice the creator of a regulation.
  • Several types of regulations. Regulations vary in scope and may concern a single department or the entire network of hospitals.
  • Complex conditions determining the change of regulation status. For example, automatic voting is considered completed when at least 80% of eligible voters have casted their votes. Approvals by eligible users voting takes place both before and after the procedure of voting.
  • Version control. Since eligible users may modify a suggested regulation on various stages of its adoption, there is a version control allowing the system to distinguish between various variants of one document.

Value delivered

A comprehensive TYPO3 system carried out for a large network of hospital facilities ensures that all the relevant stakeholders take part in the discussion of a new regulation and most of them support the regulation being adopted. This allows a leading hospital operator to effectively respond to the needs that emerge on various levels the organization and make well-grounded investment decisions.



Custom software development company offering a wide range of IT Consulting, Web and Mobile development, Quality Management, BI and BigData services.

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Custom software development company offering a wide range of IT Consulting, Web and Mobile development, Quality Management, BI and BigData services.