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Multiple organizations worldwide are facing significant challenges with the management of internal processes especially when the COVID pandemic hit. Regardless of what type of organization one belongs to, having an advanced system for handling all the daily operations is beyond significant.

These are corporations and businesses that are primary when it comes to considering the use of various complex systems for managing internal operations. However, non-governmental organizations supported by volunteers and like-minded individuals willing to contribute funds to support the case also have a lot to monitor, administer and control. This is when CiviCRM and CiviMobile appear as the best complex solution to cover all the NGO’s needs.

Our client is amidst the world’s leading environment protection NGO seeking assistance in adjusting their internal process management as well as implementing additional functionality to the existing one. The key goals of the latest requirements were the development of the system to enhance the communication inside the organization and introduce changes to the payment system responsible for accepting the contributions from the donors.

Optimization of internal communication and project management

Ensuring effective communication within the organization on all the stages of project and process management was one of the major goals defined by the client. The solution or client was expecting to get comprised of the following components:

  • Revision of the tasks assigned to the members of an organization and creation of the new ones;
  • Reporting for a project, viewing its status and flow;
  • Immediate delivery of the internal messages, requests, reports, etc.;
  • Members’ activity tracking (viewing the actions performed by the donors and volunteers within the organization).

To fulfill the client’s need for effective communication and project management, the Agiliway team created a PHP- and AngularJS-based extension. The extension is basically a task manager that allows creating tasks and subtasks, tracking and comments on them, view the activity of the members and volunteers, and more. The solution provided has been actively utilized by the client’s team since 2020 and is considered a great instrument in the daily operations of the NGO.

Integration of the payment system

In order to have the payment system operate to the extent requested by the client, the Agiliway engineering team, firstly, developed a supporting service to be a mediator between CiviCRM and various payment systems. Such a solution facilitated data processing and reduces payment transfer timing.

Establishing recurring payments was probably another significant part of the development stage. Since the previous versions of the CRM allowed schedule the payments but didn’t perform them automatically. The solution provided included updating this functionality so that users not only can prearrange the payments, but the system performs them at the set date and time. All the data synchronizes for both CiviCRM and CiviMobile.

The payment system utilizes Laravel due to its flexibility but also runs smoothly on different CMSs. As to additional services, Ayden and multiple mailing services were included.


Process management inside NGOs often may be extremely complex and complicated. Having a solution that allows complete customization and covers all the aspects crucial for each organization’s needs is what CiviCRM and CiviMobile aim at.

The introduction of the extension has simplified the project management process for our client, helped saving a significant amount of time owing to improved communication channels, allows tracking the membership activity, and more.

Integration of the payment system through the development of the mediating service ensures that payment scheduling and performance is automated and quick owing to the flexibility of the solution, hence, is convenient for the whole organization, and, specifically, to its donors, who no longer need to spend much time on manually making the payments.

Using CiviCRM and CiviMobile for internal operations of an NGO has proven its effectiveness in optimization of all the processes, is time-saving and allows performing the duties on the go.





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