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Interested in consumer goods and services? Move online. Within the framework of the present situation in the world full of restrictions, prohibitions and new norms, e-commerce has been gaining momentum. Consequently, the sector is continuously expanding and improving to stand out in a highly competitive market.

The client turned to Agiliway searching for the best solutions for his e-commerce business development, maintenance and support based on an e-commerce platform Shopware. The customer deals with CMS, module and template development for various types of consumer services and products. All the products are claimed to be developed on the basis of the latest web technologies, reliable frameworks as well as the latest development methods with high demands on product stability, security and scalability while used by leading companies internationally.

On the side of the Agiliway team, we have developed several modules together with an Elastic Search implementation and an option of online credit shopping being worked out.



As has been mentioned above, the project case is all about a number of various modules development and maintenance including Elastic Search and credit online app. Namely, the Agiliway engineers have worked on Gift baskets/Greeting cards/Event calendars modules better configuration and overall optimization.

To be more precise, we were to create:

  • Special offers option
  • Delivery address button (with a possible addressee choice)
  • Enhanced design, content
  • PNG images development
  • Box-items linking
  • Relevant plug-ins creation

All the back-end development together with UI development and design were delegated to the Agiliway engineering team, while the modules’ integration and further implementation were on the side of the client.


For the requirements best meeting and realizations, our engineering team has made a back-end software development cycle and a part of UI as an important chunk of the whole process efficiency and effectiveness.

The back-end platform was based on PHP (as the one perfect for reliable, scalable and trustworthy web development mainly) and MySQL for cross-platform management. It would be well worth mentioning that MySQL performs the main function of the clients’ data proper transmitting and provides a flawless PHP-MySQL performance due to built-in PHP libraries.

In its turn, the Bootstrap framework in combination with PHP provides plenty of benefits, including both saving costs for the clients and saving time for the developers along with very good customization. Not bad, agree?

Finally, UI development and design we provided mostly lied in the field of APIs creation. UI development serves as a core element for further project development to take place. It is well worth saving both time and money. There is a task we pursued to make the UI design enjoyable, pleasurable as well as highly useful and convenient for the users.

While implementing Elastic Search we used to write plugins to make the search engine customization possible. With the implementation, all the modules developed got enhanced speed, flexibility and real-time suggestions.

Last but not least, we are still in the final stage of the online crediting development. For the feature implementation, the Agiliway development team is to create a Shopware module while cooperating with the bank to enable the service. On the bank side, there is a bank API with our mission starting from API connection and the clients’ data transmitting to the money requesting from the very bank to make a purchase planned. In its turn, UI development is to undergo slight changes regarding pop-up windows and an additional payment method appearing in the basket as an additional option.

The full case you can read on our website.




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