Selecting the Right PHP Framework: Symfony, CodeIgniter, Laravel or Yii?

What’s the Purpose of Framework?

Software engineers use different types of frameworks as a foundation for their web solutions . These techniques allow structuring the code and improving time efficiency. A developer using frameworks can scale operations and use CRUD principles to minimize the code. Optimizing engineer’s performance and achieving faster computing operations allows finishing projects within short-term time frames. Most frameworks are open-source and use the MVC paradigm to handle requests, which fuels an engineer’s productivity. Let’s review the four most popular frameworks, which showed better efficiency rates and provided good scaling options.




A lot of tutorials and positive feedbacks from tech makers show that engineers find it easy to learn how to operate Laravel . In the context of performance, engineers note that Laravel demonstrates worse request processing time than CodeIgniter. This PHP framework signifies the most memory use and the worst technical performance in contrast to Symfony and CodeIgniter. Although engineers enjoy a wide range of different tools and libraries, which adds efficiency. Developers find it easy to scale the code selecting th is tool as there is less server load. Ability to handle database queries faster allows structuring databases in the most efficient way.


Yii is an extensive and scalable PHP framework, which has relatively complex learning curve. Employing the framework is good for engineers operating CRUD and RAD principles due to the high performance. The loading time of the page is way faster than Laravel as well as the structure is more coherent. Engineers can easily scale the code and don’t need to insert SQL queries, which significantly improves performance. Yii also provides a reliable database migration within database schema changes and opportunity to use the seeding method in structuring database as in Laravel.

Faster Development Comes With Greater Efficiency

Working with different PHP frameworks requires experience, thus it’s better to gain professional advice on choosing the right one. Agiliway experts operate all the four PHP frameworks and can help you to make a proper business decision based on the nature of your project .



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