Money-related myths on the basis of the ERP platform implementation and usage are not rare. Often, it is believed that in the light of the present crisis it is not wise to make financial investments in the ERP. Not exactly though. Odoo is a low-cost open-source ERP system, which is centralized and thus accessible from any location and from any device. Its suite of applications provides seamless interoperability with the ability to automate and control work. If you are a start-up/medium-sized business, you can start small and then, in the course of your business development, additional system features and modules could be added. Even more value here with initial risk reduction. On top of all this, you have all the chances to get a quick return on investment (ROI) as Odoo’s implementation is started instantly.


We have approached the issue of time in the above section. Truly, it is highly important even critical in the business world. So, what about the time span needed to implement the system and get used to it? Firstly, Odoo offers full training as well as hands-on training modules and other resources for better support. Those employees who tried Odoo open framework stated its user-friendliness and easy customization.


Last but not least component in this discussion. Many businesses are afraid of the necessity to change the whole performance of the company and adjust it to the newly adopted open system. There certainly exists a grain of truth in these concerns. With the Odoo ERP framework integration, a company will see a number of positive changes in its corporate management system by all means. Better information organization and handling, more effective project management, enhanced functionality and many others will be only some of the bonuses suggested.

  • Invoices creation/registration/cancelling/posting
  • Payment making (including sick leaves and vacations calculations)
  • Company’s expenditures displaying to optimize taxes
  • Amortization on the main objects counting
  • Financial periods closing
  • Accounting reports compiling and alike.

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