Regulation Adoption System ​for a Leading Healthcare Provider

2 min readAug 5, 2022

One of our clients, a large healthcare provider with over 100,000 medical workers and treating almost 10 million patients annually, contacted Agiliway to develop a technological solution that would allow implementing a cooperative decision-making process in the organization. The business idea of the project was to allow the employees working in its acute care hospitals, outpatient centers, and prevention clinics to offer and vote for suggestions concerning the improvement of the material base. ​

Many stages of regulation revisions and approvals, complex logic of access and voting rights, and elevated demands to security made the development of such technology a task few could handle.

As a result, Agiliway has leveraged its experience in business processes automation and developed a comprehensive TYPO3 system for suggesting, revising, and voting for regulations to be used in a large network of hospital facilities. ​The system has strict access rules and well-though features that allow implementing complex logic of regulation adoption that includes:

  • Elaborate access management in each separate case;
  • Multiple user roles and conditions define who can perform them;
  • Several types of regulations vary in scope;
  • Complex conditions determine the change of regulation status;
  • Version control allows the system to distinguish between various variants of one document.

The system ensures the adopted decisions are deeply considered and supported by the majority of stakeholders. This allows the hospital operator to effectively respond to the needs while making only well-grounded investments.





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