3 min readApr 15, 2020

Every venture has its ups and downs; high times to develop and grow along with low periods to survive and try hard to stay afloat. This serves to be a starting point for our discussion: what can modern market of services offer to support those companies, to encourage them to go on and on? Outsourcing is clearly the best option to choose ever.

The last several months passed under a sad motto of ‘Coronavirus spreading worldwide’ and, consequently, it could not but influence the modern world of business. British Airways canceling all the flights to China aimed at decreasing virus infection risks; Apple announcing that it bears the most considerable loss because of coronavirus break, etc. That was only the beginning. Coronavirus is crossing the world forcing country leaders to make a choice between the people’s lives and economic growth.

At present, worldwide business of all types and spheres is suffering dramatically because of coronavirus flashy spread throughout the majority of the countries on the planet, no matter large or small. In order to limit possible infection spreading, all the public places are closing for quarantine including the large companies as well as startups shifting to a remote working mode.

Working remotely is full of challenges and pitfalls for both the businesses and their staff. It frequently happens that lack of skills, volatile processes and an overall business instability are critical for the company’s functioning under crisis. Meanwhile, at your disposal, there are always outsourcing companies that will efficiently solve all the existing complexities at a fair pricing and quick pace.

Agiliway is a custom software development company with two development centers in Ukraine (Lviv and Chernivtsi) and office in Austin, TX. Along with an array of technical and development services, we handle a good deal of outsourcing while providing Business Process Outsourcing and IT Outsourcing Consulting services.

In Agiliway we constantly continue with our processes and services successful development and implementation, even in such tough times.

We are a goal-oriented as well as client-focused company and thus practice leveraging all the existing advantages as well as experience to stand up to the expectations of our customers. Due to our good expertise and profound 20-year experience in the outsourcing sphere, we can assist all the kinds of businesses while:

  • sharing our experience of how to run a business in the time of crisis;
  • mitigating uprising risks and hazards;
  • building and debugging processes,
  • human and technical resources planning;
  • business process overall optimization;
  • and much more.

Agiliway is open for different types of cooperation including not merely hiring but also consulting services provision. Maximum leveraging of your IT potential, professional and client-sensitive team, flawless and optimized development process, etc., are those factors, which will definitely make a difference to your business performance in an emergency situation we are witnessing these days.

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