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A hot portion of tech news updates and developments is already here. Let’s discover how tech and science changed the world in May.

Samsung is Developing a New XR/VR Headset

Samsung is working on a new XR/VR headset that is expected to compete with Apple’s Vision Pro. The gadget will include Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR2+ Gen 2 processor and should the XR2+ Gen 3 chipset become available before release; it might be upgraded to it instead. According to gossip, Google will contribute to the operating system and applications, while Sony’s micro-OLED screens will most likely be utilized.

The headgear is expected to come later in 2024, maybe with the Galaxy Z Flip 6. Samsung seems to have postponed the introduction to make sure the gadget is a formidable rival to the Apple Vision Pro.

Microsoft’s Copilot App for Windows 11 Debuts in Testing

Microsoft has introduced a new standalone Copilot app for Windows 11, which is currently in testing and expected to be part of the Windows 11 24H2 update later this year. Initially a side panel, the app now resides prominently on the taskbar and is completely resizable. Testers have observed, meantime, parallels between Copilot and ChatGPT, including a general UI “vibe” and a left-hand side menu for past conversations.

Though this design is popular among many artificial intelligence chatbots to let users navigate simply, these parallels have resulted in charges that Copilot is copying ChatGPT. The app is currently under testing; hence its design can change before it is officially launched.

Amazon to Supercharge Alexa with Generative AI

Amazon is reportedly working on a significant upgrade to Alexa, transforming it into a generative AI chatbot. The project aims to make Alexa more competitive with other AI technologies like ChatGPT. Dissatisfaction with Alexa’s present capabilities has been voiced by CEO Andy Jassy and others at Amazon, leading to a significant Alexa team restructure with an eye on artificial general intelligence.

Currently part of Amazon Bedrock and used by companies for activities like text production, picture creation, and document summarizing, Amazon’s Titan big language model will be used by the improved Alexa. Similar generative artificial intelligence capabilities for normal users are planned with the new Alexa.

Amazon intends to launch the upgraded Alexa subscription service apart from Amazon Prime. The precise price is still under debate; possible monthly costs range from under $10 to around $20. This approach seeks to make the service competitive and reasonably priced given comparable offers from other businesses.

Google Pay Boosts Online Shopping with Transparency & Security Features, Despite US App Shutdown

Google Pay is receiving three new features designed to simplify online shopping and increase transparency, even though the Google Pay app in the US is set to be discontinued on June 4. These updates apply to the Google Pay payment system and will be available on both desktop and mobile platforms.

  • Card Benefits in Autofill: American Express and Capital One cardholders will now see their card benefits directly in the autofill drop-down menu when checking out on Chrome desktop. For example, an American Express Gold Card may offer triple travel points, while a Capital One Quicksilver Card could provide 1.5% cash back. More cards are likely to be introduced in the future.
  • Buy Now, Pay Later Expansion: The BNPL option is expanding to more merchant sites and Android apps across the US, facilitated by partnerships with BNPL services Affirm and Zip. Specific websites and apps were not detailed.
  • Autofill Update: This feature will have an international release. Shoppers using Chrome or Android can now use biometrics or a screen lock PIN to verify card details, eliminating the need to manually enter security codes. If suspicious transactions are detected, autofill will prevent payments from going through. Users can also set up device unlock to ensure full card details are only revealed upon unlocking the smartphone, adding a layer of security.

These updates aim to enhance the convenience and security of using Google Pay for online shopping.

Paralyzed Man Gains Independence with Mind-Controlled Cursor Thanks to Neuralink Implant

The first person to receive Neuralink’s brain implant is Noland Arbaugh, a 30-year-old paralyzed man. The implant, called Telepathy, allows him to control a computer cursor with his mind. Arbaugh claims the implant has made him independent and that he can now play games and search the internet. He has also established a world record for BCI cursor control

The implant is still in the experimental phase; Arbaugh had some issues wherein some of the electrodes’ threads keeping them free came away. Arbaugh said he is no more concerned however because Neuralink was able to resolve the problem.

The future of BCIs excites Arbaugh, who also thinks that they will finally be able to translate languages. Furthermore, the ethical implications of BCIs capable of writing to the brain is he.

Boeing’s Starliner Set for Liftoff with Astronauts After Years of Delays, Aiming to Rival SpaceX

With two NASA astronauts scheduled for launch this month, Boeing’s Starliner spaceship marks the long-awaited arrival of the firm into human spaceflight. The Crew Flight Test mission, which aims to link with the International Space Station and spend a week there before returning, will launch from Cape Canaveral on an Atlas V rocket. Originally set for 2017, the project ran over many technical problems including a disastrous uncrewed test flight in 2019.

The success of Starliner is vital for NASA’s aim of having two American commercial spacecraft to carry astronauts, hence lessening dependence on Russia. Although SpaceX’s Crew Dragon has already completed many successful trips since 2020, more general problems in Boeing’s aviation business have exacerbated its difficult route forward.

Designed for reusing, Starliner can take up to seven astronauts and runs mostly under autonomous control. Boeing is hired for six NASA trips to the ISS after this test; should commercial space stations prove feasible, there may be more. A successful maiden crewed flight would place Starliner as a major participant in NASA’s larger space exploration program despite its erratic development.

Controller for HomeKit Introduces Interactive Floor Plan for Smart Home Control

Controller for HomeKit, a third-party app for managing Apple Home smart devices, has introduced a new Floor Plan feature that provides an interactive map to control HomeKit-compatible devices. This map allows users to visualize and control devices like lights, locks, and sensors by tapping on their locations within a 3D scan of their home. The new feature, part of the app’s version 7.0 update, enhances user experience by making smart home control more intuitive compared to traditional voice commands or lists.

The Floor Plan feature requires a LIDAR-enabled iPhone or iPad and is part of a paid subscription. The app uses Apple’s RoomPlan API for scanning, ensuring that all data processing is done locally without uploading images to the cloud. Creating a floor plan involves scanning rooms with the camera, which the app then stitches together into an interactive map.

This feature is especially beneficial for users who find Apple’s Home app too limited, offering more advanced automation and notifications. The map interface simplifies controlling multiple devices from one screen and is easier for household members to use without memorizing specific voice commands.

European Union Launches AI Office to Lead in Global AI Governance and Foster Innovation

The European Union is launching the European AI Office to shape AI governance and foster an innovative AI ecosystem while mitigating risks. Expert knowledge of AI best practices, legislation, compliance, safety, and innovation will be offered by this office. It seeks to establish the EU as a worldwide leader in artificial intelligence policy. Currently, only 8% of European companies use AI, mainly for simple tasks. Following the European Elections in June, the new office will help execute the first thorough artificial intelligence legislation in the world, the AI Act. Working with developers and the scientific community, the office will make sure artificial intelligence complements European ideals.

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