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Autumn has come, bringing with it September’s innovative news and technology. Including a protection test of NASA, an attempt by Adobe to acquire Figma, an upgrade to Apple’s operating system (iOS 16), and tools to help businesses thrive despite economic uncertainty, a call to action to influence carbon and electricity regulations, and an announcement from Oracle about MySQL HeatWave on Amazon Web Services. So, let’s get started discovering details.

NASA spaceship crashes in protection test

NASA’s DART mission completed humanity’s first planet protection test on September 27, at 4:44 IST, by hitting the asteroid Dimorphos. The DART mission is an experiment in planetary protection known as the kinetic impactor technique, in which a speeding starship deliberately collides with a potentially dangerous asteroid. The goal is that this little nudge will force the asteroid to dramatically alter its trajectory. Even though the asteroid Dimorphos presents no threat to the Earth, scientists are interested in determining the efficacy of the kinetic impactor technique in this context by examining the fall data.

NASA experts have said that although the probability of an asteroid crashing into Earth is small, it is still a possibility. Around 40 percent of Earth-threatening asteroids up to 500 feet (140 meters) in diameter have been discovered by NASA, and the space agency continues to scour the skies for more. For the same reason, NASA is building a new space telescope sentinel called the Near-Earth Object Surveyor to look for potentially dangerous asteroids. By 2026, this mission may be ready to take off.

Adobe purchases Figma for $20 billion

Adobe announced plans to buy online graphic editing service provider Figma for $20 billion. This is Adobe’s largest acquisition to date and will be paid for through yet-to-be-determined cash and stock split. Adobe is famous for Photoshop and Premiere Pro.

Following this unexpected revelation, the company’s stock price dropped as investors punished it for its high asking price. Due to the size of the transaction, investors appear to have discounted Adobe’s shares. Investors were unhappy with the company’s modest prediction for the next quarter despite its record Q3 sales of $4.43 billion.

Adobe’s growth has come from “organic”, and “inorganic” attempts to establish new product categories and supply breakthrough technology solutions. Combining Adobe and Figma will help develop creative cooperation faster. Figma is one of the greatest interface design tools since 2012. Developers took their recommendations and made it user-friendly (and, for now at least, it offers a free plan). Its popularity among digitally savvy UX specialists and students is due to its browser-based, cloud-based prototyping.

Apple resolves bugs in the iOS 16 update

Apple delivered the first significant software update to iOS 16 ahead of schedule to resolve a handful of flaws, including copy and paste permission-related bugs and one that caused the camera to wobble while shooting video on TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram.

This version fixes an issue with the iPhone camera, which may vibrate and create fuzzy photographs with certain third-party applications. Apple didn’t say what was causing the camera to tremble, but an iOS update is fixing its technical problems. Another aggravating issue was the deluge of pop-ups requesting permission to read the clipboard. This permissions feature was aimed to safeguard users’ privacy by highlighting when programs read the clipboard, and where sensitive data might be kept. Today’s upgrades include this fix.

Moreover, the update fixes issues where Voice-over wasn’t accessible after a reboot, touch input wasn’t working on certain earlier models (X, XR, 11), and the display went dark during device setup. The beta testers reported these flaws were resolved in the newest beta 2. The iOS 16.0.2 update is presently being pushed out to all iOS devices.

Microsoft reveals new research and technologies to help organizations succeed through economic volatility

Microsoft Viva presented the company’s employee experience platform, which has been enhanced with new capabilities. The idea to build a platform originated as a result of the increased separation between workers and their managers caused by mixed employment. They argue about efficiency, balancing freedom and responsibility, flexibility, and the workplace’s purpose. To narrow this gap, a new approach is needed that recognizes work as a mobile experience across time and territory.

Viva Pulse is a new tool that allows managers and team leaders to get frequent, private team feedback. Viva Pulse combines smart templates and research-backed questions to help managers see what’s working and where to concentrate. It also suggests lessons and actions that fulfill team requirements.

This Microsoft 365 service centralizes your communications efforts, improves your writing skills to increase the impact of your messages, and lets you publish to a wide variety of channels and audiences simultaneously. A redesigned home experience in Viva Connections will bring all the Viva applications together in one spot, and help staff connect work, meetings, and learning.

Making a difference in carbon and power policies with our collective voice

To assist forward global decarbonization efforts, Microsoft has totted its responsibility for policies that are both effective and creative in addressing environmental and social challenges. In the last two years, they’ve fought for climate and energy investments in U.S. infrastructure and climate legislation, a rigorous and uniform framework for SEC climate disclosure standards, and a comprehensive EU decarbonization strategy. As they grow advocacy activities, they’ll utilize these aims and values to shape global carbon and energy policy.

The objective of climate change mitigation programs is to prevent global warming by restricting emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG; often referred to in shorthand as carbon). To accomplish worldwide carbon intensity, they all depend on a common basis to quantify carbon emissions accurately, consistently, interoperably, and reliably. To reach net-zero emissions by the mid-century, countries must implement more carbon-reduction initiatives.

Electricity has far-reaching positive benefits on society, including improved economic development, social welfare, and health. But more than 770 million people still don’t have access to electricity, despite its criticality (mostly in Africa and Asia). Modernizing the electrical system and increasing the use of renewable energy sources are essential steps toward meeting decarbonization goals.

After russia invaded Ukraine, it’s clearer than ever that Europe needs fuel-free power generation and greater energy security. The worldwide infrastructure is vulnerable to ice storms, fires, and heat waves. There is an urgent need to take action since these systems are stressed just as they are required to electrify the economy and give access to carbon-free energy. Increasing carbon-free energy production to fuel the world’s expanding economy and power networks.

Oracle Announces MySQL HeatWave on AWS

With MySQL, AWS customers have a unified system for managing their financial transactions and keeping tabs on them in real time due to OLTP, analytics, AI, and automation integration. Oracle is also enhancing MySQL HeatWave on AWS with several additional features.

Superior efficiency and affordability are optimized for AWS with a superior architecture that delivers higher performance and lowers cost compared to competitive offerings, as demonstrated by industry-standard benchmarks. The native AWS proficiency offers millisecond-level latencies and an interactive interface for AWS users and manages schema and data and conducts queries interactively. Users may monitor query performance and resource use. Data masking, de-identification, asymmetric encryption, and a database firewall provide enhanced security. Asymmetric data encryption lets developers and DBAs safeguard and sign confidential data. The last is an autopilot that automates workload and machine-learning-based provisioning, data management, query execution, and failure handling. These features boost application performance and save expenses by predicting optimal setup.

Therefore, today we discovered the latest technological news and advances for September, and we recommend that you participate in events, subscribe to our social networks, and generally stay abreast of the newest technological breakthroughs.





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