An Interview with Mykola Skrypskyi, the Senior PHP Developer / DevOps Engineer at Agiliway

What do you do at the company?

I help the company’s clients implement their idea using PHP. This can be a development on Laravel or WordPress. I also solve DevOps tasks that come up.

What do you enjoy most about your work at Agiliway?

Most of all I like the ability to work with highly loaded projects. In this case, the best experience is gained. After all, there is no limit to optimizing the code and infrastructure so that more and more users get the service as quickly as possible.

What is the most challenging in your work?

Well, it’s probably to stop and go home. When you do really interesting tasks, it’s difficult to stop.

How did you become a Senior DevOps and PHP developer?

In the beginning, when I was still a freelancer, I saw that the task of optimizing the server infrastructure is relevant for the good work of the code. After all, your code can be great, but if the server is poorly configured, it will not run properly. So I started studying DevOps. It is great when you can speed up and optimize your code from the server infrastructure as well.

Why does a DevOps engineer matter for business?

For the software to work well, you need the appropriate infrastructure at all stages of the product life cycle. DevOps engineer operation allows you to make development comfortable and faster. And after the release of the software will ensure its availability, security, and accordingly a better performance.



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