When applying to a position or seeking the right candidate, both a potential employer and employee parties face certain challenges as the whole process is not easy. There may be well-established procedures carried out by a company’s HRs, however, specialists today are not only seeking the best financial offer. That’s when personal brand matters. Agiliway’s Head of HR, Galyna Svirska, tells about the hiring process from the inside. She reveals what initiatives became a success so the candidates want to join the company and become a part of the Agiliway brand.

Besides the tech proficiency, Agiliway cherishes a certain scope of values. These are crucial as we are building a trustworthy relationship based on partnership and cooperation. After going through a series of interviews it is possible to say whether a candidate and the company are a good fit for each other.

To find out about the onboarding process at Agiliway as well as our other initiatives that lure the specialists into the company, you can read the full article following the link.