How we improve the telemedicine sphere with our latest Clojure solution

The Telemedicine Project Background

Updated functionality for the improved user experience and simple technical support

  • An updated dashboard so that care providers could track the progress, i.e., the number of sessions for each patient, the number of patients and how it grows over a period of time, etc.
  • The platform integrates with multiple EHR systems for storing health records. The integrations allow users to stay within the system without having to switch when they need a patient that’s registered in a different one. The records can be imported, and healthcare providers can monitor the patient’s progress after they check out of a healthcare facility. In addition, healthcare providers can schedule sessions and make records during the sessions.
  • The next step for our client is to pass SOC 2 certification. This way we ensure proper data management and comply with all obligations regarding privacy, data security, and availability. The solution will allow our client to grow their customer base since many require SOC 2 certification completed before starting to collaborate with the platform.
  • To simplify the log-in process, the development team is currently implementing Single-Sign-On solutions including Microsoft SSO.
  • Implementation of analytics through the metabase system. This is the database solution written in Clojure for analysis of other databases.
  • Introduction of Storybook which allows to organize and document UI components
  • Since the platform handles large scales of data and files, it was crucial to set up an environment that will manage to process these data without the server failing and causing any disruption to the system. Our engineers implemented the solution which allows our server to control data upload to AWS. Therefore, the data streaming process is continuous and provides a great user experience to the platform users. When the video uploads to Amazon, Step Functions launches. In the previous versions, lambda functions were invoked that would run case analysis, change the formatting of videos, etc. The reason for switching to Step Function was that we needed to gain more control over data.




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