How to Choose Appropriate Framework in 2022 | Agiliway

Modern technologies give us many advantages and make the life of programmers much easier today. The benefits of using frameworks are difficult to overestimate: using them is a much smarter solution than doing the same work manually from scratch.

The popularity of a programming language depends on the field in which it is used. Therefore, some languages are gaining popularity, some are slowing down. Before you make a choice, answer the main question: where are you going to use the programming language?

Modern frameworks are quite functional and allow developers to implement any feature. Choosing the best one, you should pay attention to popularity, availability of specialists in the market, areas of application, labor costs, stack development speed, and project requirements.

There are quite a lot of frameworks today, but among them, there are several of the most popular.

In THIS article you will find a great overview of the main frameworks. It is also some kind of prediction for the future. The author created a rate of the fastest and most used frameworks, that will be popular in 2022.



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