How to Avoid Crisis During Software Development Outsourcing

4 min readJul 5, 2023


The pandemic and the russian full-scale invasion wreaked havoc on the software outsourcing business. When business operations and income fell quickly, it was only natural for them to cut back on spending. To deal with the unprecedented growth of digital activity and distributed workforces, executives had to shift their focus from strategy and investment to cost and efficiency.

During the chaos, outsourcing software development proved to be a good choice. Businesses benefited from its adaptability because it let them cut costs and improve efficiency with little trouble.

Today, we’ll discuss how to overcome the current software development outsourcing crunch.

  1. 1. First, to need to choose the right type of software outsourcing and location. Most people narrowly classify the various sorts of outsourcing by geography. There are actually quite a few other methods for an entrepreneur and an employee to interact. They offer distinct conceptual frameworks for understanding efficient company management approaches. Without location-based models, any effort to organize outsourcing would be incomplete.

The onsite form requires local, timed job implementation. For example, cybersecurity practices may need weeks of onsite training.

Onshore projects are confined to one nation outside the business headquarters. Finding skilled employees and saving money on recruiting might be tough.

Nearshore is working with service providers in the same time zone. You can efficiently converse with persons from a similar culture.

Offshore partners in faraway states might be advantageous due to labor cost differences.

Multisource uses external and internal resources to handle many projects concurrently in different places and with varied performers.

  1. 2. The second step in determining which relationship-based option is appropriate for you is to evaluate the available possibilities (e.g., proficiency, time, labor, and scalability). Three types of outsourcing combine customer and contractor ownership and liability: staff augmentation, dedicated team, projects.

Increasing external hire on the buyer’s premises for a specified period minimizes hiring and payroll procedures, varies FTEs as required, and swiftly ends a partnership compared to an employment arrangement.

A focused team has long-term, skilled workers. This method is useful when the job scope is unclear and sprint requirements may change.

Implementing partners are responsible for project results. Thus, the latter must meet standards and deadlines.

  1. 3. The third step is to hire dependable employees. Over the last two years, the labor market has evolved significantly, producing a more competitive environment to fulfill client demand for highly trained professionals. However, the lack of developers in the IT sector has become apparent and forced a shift in outsourcing practices.

Today, an increasing number of international customers have started to develop productive partnerships with Ukrainians and Poles. The high score on the Global Services Location Index reflects the fact that these two nations have already established themselves in the international arena. In the last several years, the rapid expansion of the Polish startup ecosystem has also shown encouraging results; like Ukraine, Poland ranks third among the top ten nations in the Global Startup Ecosystem Index 2021.

Prior to 2022, Kyiv steadily climbed the Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking. But after the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February, quick progress was impossible. Russian bombing of Ukrainian cities has forced many women and children to flee to neighboring countries. Troops and volunteers had several occupations.

This little hero-nation in the center of the continent continues to fight for the right to be a united nation and to live on its territory with help from the U.S., the U.K., and Europe. Many Ukrainian enterprises moved to Poland to remain competitive, boosting the GDP. Many Ukrainians work as outsourced laborers in neighboring countries.

So, today we continue to fight in the rear, support our army and continue work for our economy. Please don’t miss to donate to the Armed Force of Ukraine.





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