How Fintech Revolutionizes Modern Business Environment

Adoption of Cloud Solutions

Cybersecurity & Biometrics

  • Data encryption
  • Regularly updated backups
  • Data pseudonymization
  • Multiple-factor authentication
  • Controlled access
  • Data erasure in case of a system breach
  • Increased security through biometrics payment verification
  • Reduced risk of losing a card (unless a user loses their smartphone, which is still protected by biometrics authentication)
  • Fewer bureaucracies when getting or renewing a card,
  • Cost-saving for banks (no need to produce and maintain plastic cards, which is also great for the environment, isn’t it?)
  • Simplified and time-saving finance management process: all you need is a smartphone or a PC.

Mobile Banking and Online-Only Banks

  • Access to the data anytime and anywhere
  • Full automation of all the payment processes
  • Improved data security
  • Customer-oriented solutions for better user experience
  • The use of the most recent technological advancements

Robotic Process Automation





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