How AgriTech Transforms the Agriculture Industry

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AgriTech has been rapidly evolving in the past decade and revolutionizing the agriculture industry by harnessing the power of innovative technology to enhance productivity, sustainability, and efficiency in farming practices. As challenging as it may sound, the variety of solutions available today does not cover the demand the agriculture industry has, and many business owners decide on building custom solutions that not only cover their needs but also help improve the overall industry standards.

In the article, we share our experience in building a solution for the agriculture sector where we put to use our experience in creating complex and easy-to-use and maintain systems with the scope of technologies including .NET, Angular, and Ionic.

What is the AgriTech solution’s idea?

Our German client contacted us to enhance a platform for farmers and analysts who are involved in the livestock breeding business. Their existing system did not cover all the requests from the current users; therefore, the platform needed a significant upgrade. The Agiliway team was hired to improve the platform functionality and create a mobile application for the given product. Hence, the scope of tasks for the team was as follows:

  • Fix the existing bugs to improve the overall functionality;
  • Perform refactoring of the system;
  • Build widgets to display specific components of the solution;
  • Translate code from German into English.

The platform has two versions for users depending on their needs: free and paid, therefore, these versions also have different functionality available.

The benefits of introducing AgriTech in farming

The Agiliway team had two key issues to bear in mind while working on the project: laws and business orientation. Since German legislation has extremely strict regulations regarding the quality of animal products, the technical solution needs to be able to help business owners follow these laws.

Additionally, the developed solution focuses on the major requirements of farmers, business analysts, and local authorities. This way end-consumers receive the best quality products. So, what benefit does the solution bring to the users?

Improved data collection, tracking, and analytics

From the animal’s birth to selling it or relocating it to the slaughterhouse, farmers get all the details regarding the size, weight, the ratio of meat to bone tissue and fat, etc. This allows receiving accurate data on what changes can or shall be made to improve the quality of the final produce, hence, increasing the farmers’ income after selling the animal.

Precision feeding

The AgriTech solution can help farmers optimize nutrition by providing precise feeding recommendations based on real-time data. This leads to healthier animals and reduced feed costs.

Environmental sustainability

The solution allows farmers to implement more sustainable practices. For example, by tracking the final produce’s bone-to-meat ratio they can optimize feeding process and waste management. This way they can reduce the impact of farming operations on the environment.

Increased productivity and profitability

Owing to the extensive functionality of the platform, farmers can track and compare the competitor’s final produce data to theirs. This way the decision-making is completely data-driven and leads to increased productivity through better management practices, higher-quality produce, reduced losses due to inefficient feeding, etc.

Remote monitoring

With AgriTech’s solution, farmers get remote access to the data and can manage their business better to improve internal processes.

Access to market and traceability

As mentioned above, given AgriTech system offers traceability and record-keeping features, which can help business owners and analysts analyze the market to get the best sales deals.

Regulatory compliance

The solution allows uploading documentation to be submitted to the local authorities that inspect the quality of the facilities and animal produce. By complying with regulatory requirements and providing full information about the source of their products, farmers can enhance market access and consumer trust.


In this transformative era, AgriTech is poised to play a pivotal role in ensuring a prosperous and sustainable future for agriculture. Modern solutions offer a wide range of options to build a successful business. However, most organizations prefer building their products that focus on their specific needs. Agritech offers multiple benefits to the agriculture industry. These advantages can improve efficiency, productivity, and overall profitability in farming operations.

Farmers get an understanding of how businesses shall operate under the legislation and what changes are to be made to withstand market competition. Owing to the platform’s in-depth analytics, business owners get a clear vision of animal feeding processes (i.e., what types of food shall be given or what treatment is necessary)

The Agiliway development hopped on board to help our client improve their existing solution and create a mobile application that is extremely popular today among users. The enhancement of the client’s portal included system refactoring, adding new widgets, and redesigning some of the existing components, which eventually led to improved scalability, a more user-friendly interface, and simpler usability.

Business owners get insights into how their farms operate while Business Analysts can extract useful data and build strategies for business growth.

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