Farming Enterprises with Advanced Agritech Solutions

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As the planet’s population is growing, the demand for agricultural products is too. The need for the implementation of sustainable solutions that will help increase productivity in farming is paramount. With the climate changes and lacking resources, it is crucial to ensure that there is a future for mankind. It is a no-brainer that bringing technological advancement into an industry isn’t surprising. Farming enterprises worldwide are striving for solving their business challenges, hence, improve the future for people.

In the article, we are showcasing how adapting an innovative solution helps our client and their customers in the animal breeding sector of the agricultural industry.

Agricultural entrepreneurs are amidst the ones whose business is highly dependent on outside conditions such as climate, sanitary situation, etc. That is why the industry is in a strong demand for solutions that will, firstly, cover all their business needs, and, secondly, helps to increase the productivity and efficiency of the enterprise. To arrange the smooth running of the farming enterprise, it was crucial to implement solutions that operate and are customized to cover all business needs.

Management of the animal breeding process

Having a complex solution to manage the animal breeding processes in-house allows handling and management of all the processes starting from animals being born to their selling or whatever their future purpose is. Implementing the solution enables its users to

  • perform animal headcount;
  • fill out data on the feeding process;
  • monitor the sanitary state;
  • record animals’ lifecycle information;
  • trace animals to their final destination.

Introducing this application into the daily operations of a farm allows accurately track all the movements of each animal within a department or an enterprise. Additionally, users have 24/7 access to all the data, can view all the actions taken concerning an individual animal, e.g. what they are fed, when and where they get transferred to, etc. This is a great range of tools that allows arranging a well-established and thorough planning for breeding techniques, sanitary conditions, and alterations to the regimen where needed.

The main goal of utilizing this application is to improve the introduction and analytics of the data, hence, make better business decisions on the information retrieved. Reduced financial loss, speeded up resolution adoption, and enhanced management process are amidst the main business value gained from the application used in the farming enterprise.

Simplified checks from the governing bodies

The facilitation of the checking procedures by the local authorities was also singled out as a significant part of the agritech solution. In order to be allowed to conduct a farming enterprise activity, one shall ensure compliance with all the legislative norms. Hence, the instrument for simplifying this procedure was necessary. Our team has developed a solution that is available for mobile devices and which ensures the data inserted by the authorized people right into the system and is available to officials. This is another important tool that simplifies the examination process, cuts through red tape and countless papers as well as access to the information on the go.

The application generates documents with necessary data from the system on a specific enterprise. One of the main functions is the option of e-signing the document by the officials and they bear legal value, hence, it helps to save a lot of time since the documents are already valid.

Animal slaughter system refactoring

The existing functionality of the client’s system used when managing the animal slaughter was outdated and multiple changes were requested. Performing the refactoring of the system is a major challenge for this project as multiple technologies were outdated and part of the code was written in German.

To improve the performance of the system it was decided to create separate modules so that in the future when the alteration is going to be introduced or new services added, the system will not have to undergo any major augmentations. Moreover, the German language code was rendered into English, hence, our client can get support specialists regardless of whether they speak German or not. Our engineers also praise the use of the Elasticsearch engine as it is a perfect tool for rapid aggregation and view of the necessary data.

Bottom line

Transformation in the agricultural industry is an inevitable future if the market players want to thrive. Implementation of agritech solutions is the best decision a farming entrepreneur can make. Optimization of internal processes, simplified bureaucracy, and enhanced performance of the systems are the pivots for successful business operations.

The advancements in the recent agritech open new vistas in front of farming enterprises by allowing saving time with adding data into the system and access to them, simplified bureaucracy, and bringing the newest tech stacks.


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