Enhancing Telehealth: Elevating Prenatal and Postpartum Care

3 min readFeb 28, 2024


Telehealth solutions are important for the healthcare industry as the adoption of new technologies increases relevance in the market and provides a better user experience. Now, healthcare providers, insurance companies, and clinics have begun receiving more requests from patients on how to ensure maximum comfort and support for expectant mothers.

Therefore, one of the prominent American companies partnered with Agiliway to re-develop a solution to cover the needs of future mothers with virtual care and optimize the preparation report. It aims to decrease the possibility of difficulties during pregnancy and the postpartum period by tracking, evaluating, and resolving any emerging concerns.

The solution was a complex platform with extra attached devices, all these tools needed to work together and be synchronized. At the same time, heart rate and blood pressure are among the most important parameters of the future mother’s health, which must be constantly monitored to prevent risks. In response to demands from the client’s users, the development team improved the complex solution that had already been implemented using the Angular programming language. Also, the team provided the client recommendations on architecture, system optimization, and other aspects.

During every custom software development, we can face the challenges that need to be addressed. And this project was no exception, so let’s take a look at it.


Authentication system update and migration due to increasing expenses and user login issues.

Development of an advanced reporting system to simplify the data collection between healthcare providers, clinics, and insurance companies and provide accurate analysis.


Authentication system update and migration:

  • Migrated to Keycloak, an authentication service, simplifying the process and reducing the costs.
  • Implemented custom templates and programming approaches for a smooth transition.
  • Created a microservice as a gateway between the authentication service and the system.
  • Deployed the microservice architecture on Amazon using a serverless framework.
  • Transferred the code for the authentication utility to a separate library for use by the entire team.

Development of an advanced reporting system:

  • Adopted the Slicer service.
  • Organized and prepared the data for different user groups.
  • Catered to requests from healthcare providers and facilities to create targeted content.
  • Assisted insurance companies in obtaining data on procedures and services used by women, enabling them to modify policies.

The project aimed to increase the user experience, simplify data collection, and meet the needs of different user groups, including pregnant women, healthcare providers, and insurance companies. The platform serves as a comprehensive resource covering prenatal and postnatal aspects, offering individualized information on child development, appropriate exercises, and lifestyle tips.

The main focus is on expectant mothers, providing personalized health monitoring and information. By sorting user requirements, the platform provides precise assistance tailored to each user’s preferences and stage of pregnancy. For healthcare providers, the development of a reporting system allows them to track user preferences to offer relevant information and attract more customers. Insurance companies also benefit by gaining valuable data on user behavior to adjust policies in line with industry trends.

The Agiliway team works with the client to streamline the system, enhance the user experience, attract new customers, and expand collaboration opportunities. If you have new ideas and projects, feel free to contact us and we will help achieve your desired goals in projects.

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