E-learning is a New Educational Reality

E-learning domain is focused on the introduction into the educational process of fundamentally new learning models, which include conferences, independent work of students with information fields from different knowledge banks, project work, training and other activities based on computer technology. The source of information in these models is a database in a virtual learning environment.

Computerized Information Technologies

Computer-based Learning (CBL)

  • Information competence. It involves the ability of a person to navigate in the information space, to operate scalable information data based on the use of modern information and communication technologies.
  • Integration of telecommunications (telephone lines and wireless connections). PCs, software, storage and audiovisual systems that allow users to create, access, store, transmit and modify information are another important moments to consider here.
  • electronic learning materials;
  • computer test systems;
  • learning management systems.
  • electronic textbooks and lecture materials;
  • electronic methodological developments for seminars, practical and laboratory classes;
  • databases and knowledge (laws, cartographic data, international standards and systems, etc.);
  • tools for acquiring practical skills (virtual and remote laboratories, workshops, computer simulators).
  • flow and boundary control of the results of mastering the material (certifications, colloquia, tests, exams);
  • conducting tests on the materials of lectures and seminars;
  • control of preparation for laboratory and practical classes;
  • self-control of knowledge in the interactive mode;
  • determining the rating of students.
  • conducting educational and administrative work (creation of study groups, organization of class schedules and curricula);
  • providing controlled access to educational materials;
  • organization of collective and individual work of students and teachers, etc.

What role does IT-sphere play in this global tendency for the e-learning shift?

Custom E-Learning software development for a variety of educational purposes is what the majority of IT companies have solid expertise in. To be more precise, there are usually offered services for a wide span of businesses, starting with teaching enterprises and ending with corporate training and alike. For instance, on the one hand, we have custom-designed educational and informational courses, web e-learning platforms, e-learning platform for the enterprise’s customers and staff development, the software development company Agiliway, among others, has been working out. On the other hand, there are microlearning and scenario learning as one of the most popular e-learning modes to be developed and pursued.

  • Research and Development/Business Analytics
  • Development processes while implementing the latest frontend and backend technologies
  • GDPR/HIPAA/CCPA-compliant data regulation
  • Quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) support



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