Data Analytics Solution for Digital Marketing Company

1 min readMay 23, 2022

One of the American Digital Marketing companies contacted Agiliway to develop unique algorithms for customer data analytics.

The business idea of the solution is to help business owners gain valuable detailed data about their customer persona and market penetration for the sake of further successful segmentation, targeting, and conversion. The final data analytics solution had to use machine learning algorisms and allow data analysis and interactive work with the graphs at a remarkable speed.

In particular, Agiliway has been responsible for the development of the backend and the interactive UI of the solution.

Having analyzed the challenges of the project, Agiliway has chosen Laravel PHP Framework for building the backend of the platform and React JS for building a user interface.

Working on the project, Agiliway pursued the following goals:

  • Build a UI that will correctly visualize the results of data analytics in the form of interactive graphs;
  • Build a backend for the solution that would allow managing users and access rights and have corresponding security safeguards, as the platform was about to manipulate sensitive customer data;
  • Processing of big data analysis could halt the response of the system and adversely affect customer experience. Agiliway experts had to ensure the high performance of the solution in terms of speed so that the graphs fetch and display the data almost instantly.

As a result, our client has entered the market as a strong competitor to the existing providers of customer analytics services.


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