Mobile development and connectivity have gained such wide popularity in the modern world due to the rising influence of mobile connection and communication services as a technology of information collection and overall distribution.

Consequently, mobile application services are seen as a real-life enterprising strategy, a connection of which to a range of relevant back-end platforms and alike, allows developing highly scalable and feasible iOS apps. The application discussed below is one of the brightest examples of the case.


A global full-service agency and automotive company started their cooperation on a coherent and clearly defined platform a few years ago, and, since then, have made a great difference to the everchanging world environments. Their core mission has been to make their automobile applications widely-used by both the car owners as well as the cars prospective buyers.

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To that end, they have developed two apps, accordingly. In order to stick to the agency-automotive company key performance stages (sketch, test, learn, redo), they practice grouping multifunctional teams to make every stage maximally effective and feasible in further project upgrading, promotion and release processes; to ensure the app is running without a glitch.

Car manufacturer’s project can boast about scalable connectivity of the relevant data with the car itself. A mobile app for car owners provides every owner with all the possible range of information concerning the very car service, statistics details (through relevant excel tables), roadmap visualization, etc.

What is more, a Timeline, Push messages and Driving journal features have been created to keep track of the car’s latest events along with multiple filters and modes a car owner would like either to add or correct. The application’s connectivity is also about distance covered, fuel consumption, the nearest gas station location, etc.

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