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In the current environment of coronavirus crisis, remote working model and quarantine, the importance and practical value of telemedicine have experienced rapid popularity growth. Consequently, humanity is in a bad need for effective and reliable tools, which would allow people to get high-quality medical services distantly.

Agiliway has started to work on a project concerning telemedicine with our US client. The platform, the Agiliway engineering team is constantly working out, is focused on the definition of health deviations through video sessions. In order to grant the theory a practical implementation and to make it of high value in medicine, the very project was initiated. Due to the project’s nature and primary focus, there has been a wide array of challenges and ever-changing additional requirements to meet and stick to.

Web application along with a mobile one for iOS and Android are developed with all the features added being tested through manual and machine models based on certain sets of markers.


The requirements have the status of “ongoing” and are constantly experiencing a good deal of modifications and enhancements. However, there were a few initial requirements the client had in mind while deciding to turn to Agiliway for some development part. The platform was aimed at the patients’ video sessions estimating as well as handling the payments for the service provided. The initial goal was to test health states with the help of the product. However, nowadays, there arises a necessity to expand the project’s coverage regarding the adjacent healthcare spheres. What is more, in the long run, the project is seen as a wide-scale product able to serve the healthcare-related spheres.

Challenges have been an integral part of the project’s development and implementation process. Much depends on the needs of the end client, though; with each new medical case/s targeting, we need to keep our focus on quality which each team-member made an input for.

The recent addition of a QA engineer is a valuable input to QA monitoring and enhancement. Besides, due to the specifics of the team structure, the client often communicates directly with the members, so approaches or specifics should be systematized via many channels.



The application consists of the mobile (iOS and Android) and web platform built with ClojureScript. Agiliway software development team is doing the development of all major components of the system including AI/ML model, which is now on the US part of the team, from the initial stages of the application.

The text is processed with Python’s NLTK library to get an emotional coloring of the text and to build emotional estimations. The web application estimates the absolutist language score of the text for predicting health deviations in different parts. The videos, texts, automatic scores, and estimations are available to the patient’s doctor helping him to get a better understanding of his patient’s health condition. The video and audio real-time analysis is an essential part of the system. In addition, doctor gets quick access to patient’s health history and can make any needed changes fast and without wasting time on unnecessary paperwork.

The full case you can read on our website.




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