Building TYPO3 E-commerce Platform for Manufacturers

Why e-commerce adoption is crucial for manufacturers?

  • research of your target market and preferences of the potential customer: optimization of websites and their content is what drive visitors and boost your sales;
  • reaching out to new markets while they are not super competitive;
  • collaborating with potential distributors to establish a healthy market relationship.

TYPO3 E-commerce Solution for Safety and Security Products Manufacturer

  • integrate new catalog and e-commerce functionality into the existing TYPO3 site;
  • implement data synchronization between external ERP and the TYPO3 system;
  • develop an advanced search for products, websites as well as additional documentation (e.g. certificates, product guides, etc.);
  • redesign of the website menu;
  • update the design for the mobile version of the platform;
  • carry out website localization;
  • improve the website’s SEO.
  • Flexible shopping cart functionality
  • Multi-store support — which is extremely critical for the company, as they are building separate stores for different regions
  • High Performance
  • Multilanguage and multicurrency support
  • Being free




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