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Even though it’s not an easy moment for us Ukrainians right now, we will keep fighting for our independence and trusting in the power of our army. Therefore, we do not give up and actively work, supporting our economy and our strong warriors. As a result, we are constantly improving AI technology and developing and implementing the best solutions for our customers.

AI capabilities are used by 68% of smartphone users, although most consumers don’t realize the features constitute either. Voice assistants, predictive text, and route suggestions for driving are examples of frequently utilized AI-driven services, according to Deloitte. Artificial Intelligence continues to advance. As robust global AI systems acquire traction, outsourcing of work to AI will undoubtedly become the “new reality” in many industries.

So, let’s have a look at the Artificial Intelligence in IT technologies and solutions that Agiliway has implemented for our clients.

Conversational AI Service

Your company’s success depends on the ability of it to grow and adapt to new challenges. The partnership with Agiliway for many years has given the result — the company that cooperated with us achieved a voice recognition accuracy of more than 90%. Their success in the customer service business was due to their use of a specifically trained NLU engine.

NLU’s technology was used to create the platform, which allows AI to deliver a true conversational IVR to a person. As our client base has grown to include people from all over the world, we’ve taken a more comprehensive approach to support the identification of several languages and dialects. There was also a more advanced version developed that was linked to DevOps procedures and a conversational AI service.

Used technologies:

Java, Terraform, Docker, Azure, AWS.

Several steps were done throughout the software development process in the advanced version:

  • System containerization/dockerization (for scalability and migration);
  • Use Cloud Services, AWS, and Azure to increase platform performance;
  • Use Terraform infrastructure (code-based infrastructure creation, modification, and improvement);
  • Automatization of Procedures (By combining all the above components, all processes were automated, saving time and resources);
  • The NLU engine, smart Dialog Management platform, on-premises ASR engine, and other capabilities enable speedy and accurate call routing and semantically correct Open-Question customer help across all channels.

A partner who could fulfill market demands and satisfy consumer expectations reaped enormous benefits from the AI solution provided. Our software developers have put in place an AI-driven DevOps infrastructure that benefits both our customer and end-users.

Data Management Solution

Agiliway was approached by the second with the notion of building a tool that would assist discover all the essential materials in a few clicks. Companies who deal with big amounts of data and information and don’t want to spend a fifth of their employees’ time on web searches might benefit greatly from this solution.

Organizations and individuals alike sought a solution that would let them concentrate on the content they read or write, all while a tool tracked their progress and collected data they might need to complete their assignment.

Agiliway engineers offered not only a technical solution but also CTO services with their ideas, and UX/UI suggestions, as well as new features that improved the content management tool and brought value to its commercial side.

Used technologies:

Python, Flask, JS, React, Redux.

As the result, the solutions provided by Agiliway have helped our client bring his idea to life. So, the company was satisfied with a purposeful and smart solution that shall save a manifold of time and effort for the content management specialists.

Complex AI-Based Data Mining Solution

The third objective for Agiliway was to create a complicated AI-based data mining solution for an English financial and technical organization utilizing SQL, .Net, and React. The main idea of the project for FinTech company requested the development of a reliable, dependable, and scalable BI solution that presented data flow and consumption statistics in a style that was convenient for data mining and that it could proudly exhibit to the market.

Agiliway needed to do the following actions:​

  • Build a BI solution that would provide visualization of huge amounts of data on information usage stored in MS SQL database; ​
  • Make the platform generate interactive reports and charts; ​
  • Allow financial institutions to manage access to their sensitive data and track users’ logs. ​

Agiliway put the suggested idea into action. The platform’s architecture consists of a back-end that uses MS.NET and MS SQL databases to provide API, and a front-end React application that enables data visualization. The solution was changed to Power BI because it enables modifications to the information and the inclusion of new data without the need for additional development and testing effort.

Following the addition of Power BI to the platform, it was decided to migrate to additional Microsoft products such as Microsoft Single Sign-On and Azure Active Directory. Agiliway has created comprehensive user management and security system with Azure Active Directory to safeguard the safety of financial institutions’ data.

As the result, Agiliway provided a complex FinTech solution comprising SQL databases and a highly responsive and fast front end built using React. Moreover, the client does not need to spend additional time on development or support as the services the product connects to are easy to set up and maintain. Owning a flexible, scalable, and secure platform, the FinTech company has been able to firmly establish itself on the market and demonstrate a sustainable growth of its revenues.

AI Software Solution

The Agiliway team created a fourth remarkable Artificial Intelligence software solution. The core idea was to apply machine learning algorithms for big data analysis and develop an image-based deep learning system for estimating the risk of breast cancer and diagnosing oncology at the earliest stage.

Medical imaging techniques (X-rays, MRIs, etc.) have evolved into useful representations of tissue abnormalities in recent years and are now routinely employed in healthcare, resulting in a massive quantity of data radiologists comb through on a daily basis.

The major task of the project includes:

  • Adapting the system for doctors, who will train the algorithm to spot patterns in breast tissue that indicate probable cancer symptoms or the development of cancer;
  • Developing a system for analyzing enormous amounts of data in order to discover cancerous breast tissue.

Despite having his own in-house software development unit, the customer approached Agiliway to augment its team with developers versed in .NET technology, the React web framework, and back-end development. ​

This machine learning healthcare tool, which is integrated into the clinical workflow, supports radiologists in achieving high efficiency and productivity by: ​​

  • Collecting and analyzing massive amounts of data automatically; ​​
  • Enhancing the precision of medical imaging interpretation;
  • Reducing the possibility of radiologist reading delays;
  • Accelerating decision-making for better patient care.

Used technologies:

.NET, Python, JS, React, Redux.

The AI-powered approach ensures that there will be no delays in diagnosis because all of the most fatal forms of breast cancer can be treated if caught early. In the fight against breast cancer, radiologists have discovered a potent ally.

Draw a conclusion

As previously mentioned, development is vital for your business because it allows you to improve your product, remain competitive in the market, and satisfy the expectations of people.

So, if you need a one-of-a-kind solution for your business or need to update its functionality, contact us. We will provide you with a clear consultation and assist you in building a plan to create a quality product for your users.

Don’t forget to support our military during this difficult period as well. Donate to the Armed Forces while you sip your morning cup of tea or coffee. If we all work together, the odds are in our favor!





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