Agiliway Carries Out Gradual Migration from TYPO3 to Laravel

Project Background

Project Challenges

  • Neural network search. The neural network search, which performance relies on big data and machine learning algorithms, had to facilitate the choice for the client;
  • AI support bot. The bot did not only have to lead the customers through the predefined tunnel, but also use AI to educate itself towards better performance;
  • Complex logic for calculating cost and ROI considering various parameters and relations between various entities;
  • Multiple languages. Although TYPO3 supports multilingual websites, localization on the product is much more convenient on the framework. Thus, when the client expressed the wish to localize the product to more than two languages, it was decided to perform this step after the product migrates.

Provided Solution

  • Laravel API Documentation Generator automatically creating documentation for the Laravel routes when new microservices are added;
  • Laravel Debugbar facilitating errors detection for all current Routes, queries and events;
  • Laravel IDE Helper allowing autocompletion and having the files up-to-date;
  • Laravel Entrust helping to manage roles and permissions;
  • Laravel Extended Generators improving website speed and user experience.
  • Laravel Translatable facilitating localization of the product;
  • Installation of Laravel on the base as a separate folder. Such solution allowed Laravel access all existing classes and codes;
  • Development of new functionality. New functionality has been developed and launched on Laravel.
  • Creation of routes between TYPO3 and Laravel. According to the created logic, the request is directed from TYPO3 to Laravel each time the system does not respond.
  • Rewriting core functionality. After the new functionality developed on Laravel has been enabled, time has come to rewrite all the core functionality, which is done gradually and in the background.

Value Delivered

  • improving the system’s architecture;
  • enabling transition to microservices connected with the help of APIs;
  • allowing the system to develop rapidly with the help of various technologies and programming languages;
  • making the system scalable, reusable and easily integrated with their-party services.




Custom software development company offering a wide range of IT Consulting, Web and Mobile development, Quality Management, BI and BigData services.

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Custom software development company offering a wide range of IT Consulting, Web and Mobile development, Quality Management, BI and BigData services.

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