Keep your team on track

Time tracking has become inextricably linked to the modern business operation process. Most companies utilize a variety of applications to check the performance of their staff or their own, hence, estimate the overall productivity and time spent on a certain task. Regardless of the position, it is paramount to keep track of the daily activities. Time tracking applications that are used in lots of industries have extended to multipurpose tools that do not help to follow the status of a certain task solely. Service providers worldwide seek the most advanced and comprehensive solutions that allow having all the information stored in one place.

Management of the Tasks & Live Time Recording

The application allows the cleaning service staff to log their time directly to the app through their smartphones after scanning the QR-code. All the assignments are listed in the calendar which is shared with the manager and the staff, hence, there is no need to make numerous phone calls to clarify things out. All working hours are recorded and become visible in the app. Moreover, it has the function of adding photos and comments, which also appear in the app right away.

Our recent activity in the project

Besides participating in the discussions regarding the architecture of the platform, Agiliway software engineers are currently involved in the development processes for

  • Data import through Excel,
  • Time tracking functionality update,
  • Push notifications development utilizing Firebase,
  • Azure Action function implementation by leveraging them to make them accessible for multiple apps and devices.

Business value

Within the past three years, the number of tasks performed for the time management solution is immense. As to the business value provided to our client, the Agiliway team helps to

  • Timely deliver the requested updates and solutions that improve the overall functionality of the application
  • Fix the occurring bugs
  • Consult regarding the architecture of the platform


The benefits of time tracking are there on the surface. They do not only let you receive insight into your personal and business time spending. Applying time tracking services into the daily operations of an organization can also improve the work quality, reduce costs, and enhance productivity. Accumulating all the necessary information allows organizations to overview the internal processes and introduce changes that will skyrocket the business.



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