What Is DevOps and Why Is It Crucial for Business?

One of the best explanations to what is DevOps was introduced by Gartner stating that DevOps stands for transformations in the IT industry that aim at orienting towards the IT service delivery employing agile and system-oriented approach. The key behind DevOps success is simple: it bridges development and operations teams so that they function as a unit.

TOP 5 Benefits of the DevOps Adoption

As mentioned above, DevOps is the philosophy that concentrates on the principles of shared responsibility, agile approach and collaboration. These are extremely beneficial for businesses as they

  • Decrease the production and deployment time, hence, release time of the product to the market;
  • Increase the ROI;
  • Better collaboration experience within the team;
  • Improve efficiency;
  • Detection and correction of issues at the early stages of the product development.

Ansible Update and Ansible Tower Configuring

After learning the client’s requirements and challenges, Agiliway experts prepared a detailed plan that contained all the issues analyzed and solutions to help improve business operations, automate the existing processes and bring maximum cost-benefit.

  • defining RBAC (role-based access controls)
  • auditing of events
  • deployment control
  • AWS support, and more.

Ansible Molecule Installment & Configuration

Ansible Molecule tool was introduced to the multi-server environment for testing the Ansible roles and help during the development process. Molecule is perfect for testing within multiple environments, infrastructures, frameworks, operating systems, etc.


Agiliway has obtained extensive expertise in providing the most advanced DevOps service with their experienced professionals who help our clients optimize and automate the maximum processes in their organizations. To succeed in the niche, it is crucial to acquire the philosophy and methodology of DevOps, understand it and its key principles.



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